Testimonials From Past Clients

I am attorney Mike Parham, founder of Parham Estate Law in Memphis. Over the years, I have helped many individuals and families in Tennessee with their estate planning needs. However, you do not have to take my word for it. Please read some of the following testimonials from my past clients, then call me at 901-617-1948 to schedule an initial consultation.

Hal and Melitta Doetsch

“When you work with Mike it’s like having a lawyer in your family. With him, it’s personal, not just business. The biggest thing we noticed: he is so focused on what you are talking about, a sense of caring. Every detail was covered, every question pursued and answered, every worry addressed.”

Philip Thompson

“I am completely confident in Mike – his credentials, his style of interaction, his structured approach. I have not worked with anyone more capable in the estate law and planning field.”

Ruth Frizzell

“Mike was referred by another lawyer. I was impressed from the very first meeting by his demeanor, by the fact that he genuinely cared. Mike is easy to talk to and patient with questions. And he’s accessible – I’m always able to get in touch. That’s more important than you might think.”

Lisa Mills

“Mike is a wonderful person and he knows his business. He stays up on the latest with tax law changes. And he really knows the ins and outs of financial planning. Mike helped immensely with the will business for my father’s estate.”

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