A Will Secures Your Family’s Future 

For a lot of people, putting together a will is like remembering to replace the batteries in a smoke alarm; it doesn’t seem like much of a priority until it’s too late. There is no “best time” to create a will. If you don’t take the time to make decisions about what you would like done with your money and possessions after you’re gone, the probate court will decide where your money and property go for you. The probate process also makes information about your estate public and delays the distribution of your assets to your heirs.

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Creating A Will That’s Right For You

Most wills are straightforward and inexpensive relative to the probate fees your heirs could be required to pay if you die without a will. If you have a small or moderate-sized estate, a will may be the primary estate planning document you need. For larger, more complex estates, a will may form the cornerstone of an estate plan that also includes trusts and other documents. I can work with you to determine what is most appropriate for you.

Creating A Will That Meets Your Wishes

Creating a will creates peace of mind. A well-structured will can help prevent conflict among your heirs and eliminate probate court fees. I will take the time to fully understand how you want your money and belongings to be handed down. We will work together to create a will that meets your wishes and provides for your family.

Start Planning For Your Family’s Future By Contacting Parham Estate Law

Creating a will is critical to securing your family’s future. To discuss setting up a will, please call 901-617-1948 or contact me online.