Powers Of Attorney: Ensuring Your Wishes Are Respected

If you are incapacitated by an injury or illness and are unable to make decisions regarding your finances, what will happen? A court may appoint a conservator, which can be time-consuming and provides no guarantees that your wishes will be honored. However, establishing powers of attorney as part of your estate plan will enable you to name a trusted individual to help make decisions on your behalf should the unthinkable ever occur.

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A Type Of Insurance Plan

There are more pleasant things to think about than possibly becoming incapacitated in the future. However, establishing powers of attorney can help provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing a person you trust will be put in charge of your affairs. We do not purchase home or auto insurance and then presume an accident is inevitable, but it is nice knowing that we will be taken care of if something should ever arise. Powers of attorney are in many ways similar to an insurance policy.

Naming a person as power of attorney means that your loved ones will not have to endure the stress of who should be in charge of your assets, which can lead to disputes and result in your financial affairs not being carried out as you see fit. I can help create a comprehensive, personalized estate plan that is tailored to fit your unique goals.

Contact A Lawyer For Help Planning For The future

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