Asset Protection And Planning For The Future

I am attorney Mike Parham, founder of Parham Estate Law in Memphis. As part of my comprehensive estate planning services, I work with individuals and families who wish to lawfully protect their assets. I can help develop a plan that will help shelter your assets from future creditor claims using a wide range of legal tools. I can also help safeguard your heirs’ inheritance from creditors, divorce proceedings and bankruptcy filings. To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation, please call me at 901-617-1948.

Tennessee Investment Services Trusts (TISTs)

In 2007, Tennessee enacted the Investment Services Trust Act, which allows you to place assets into an irrevocable trust, which will protect your assets from future creditors, lawsuits and divorce settlements. A TIST can also be used to protect doctors from potential medical malpractice suits. The trustee of the TIST must not be the creator of the TIST and he or she must live in the state of Tennessee.

Asset Protection And Heirs

A common concern for many people is the danger of their heirs losing their inheritance as the result of a divorce action. This threat can be avoided by setting up trusts in your will to help protect your assets should your marriage come to an end.

Contact A Lawyer For Help With All Of Your Estate Planning Needs

When you meet with me, I will listen to your goals and desires, and help you create a comprehensive estate plan that also protects your valuable assets. To speak with me about planning for the future, please call 901-617-1948 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation.