Succession Planning: Deciding The Future Of Your Business

Building a successful business is hard work and future decisions regarding your company should not be left to chance. Succession planning helps give you the power to decide on the future direction of your business. This may involve transitioning control to a key employee or a family member. It could also cover a sale or dissolution. Another alternative is to simply create a plan that will enable you to leave the business at a future date.

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Buy-Sell Agreements

I can help you design a buy-sell agreement that will help deal with the complexities that can arise with shareholders of a closely held company. Events to consider when crafting a buy-sell agreement include:

Liquidity Planning

When developing a business it is important to consider liquidity planning. Liquidity is your business' ability to meet obligations with cash or other assets that can quickly be converted into cash. Liquidity refers to how easy it is for investors to convert their securities into cash and also refers to a corporation's cash position, or whether the value of their current assets exceeds current liabilities. I can help with all liquidity planning issues.

Contact A Lawyer To Discuss Your Business's Future

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